Nude Girls Body Paint Party!

written by Elona on Friday, March 28 2008

Yayyy!!!!  Nude girls, body painting!!!  Ohh this is already a fun topic and I love it!  Seriously think about it nude girls, body paint, all in the same sentence, what is not to love about that!

boobiehearts_0004  Nude girls and body painting!  I think it can be exciting and fun!632580720112187500

So lets get down to this conversation.  Nude girls and body painting.  I have what is called a nude girls body painting party every summer, I have it outdoors in the backyard by the pool most the times.  I sometimes have an indoor one, depends a lot on the weather and well how all the nude girls feel LOL, I just love saying that. So anyhow, nude girls painting party, I make out little invitations, and everyone must bring some body paint

The nude girls painting party can go either way, we can help paint each other or sometimes we have competitions to see who does the best body painting to cover their sweet parts!632580720112187500

I love having my nude girls body painting party's.I think it is something from the norm and all the girls can get together and have a lot of fun!  Heck pizza, nude girls, lots of laughs and fun!

So has anyone else out there ever had a nude girls body painting party?  If not I think we should start a trend, lots of nude girls and lots of body paints!  Let me know if you do throw a nude girls body paint party, and tell me how it goes, and if everyone had fun.

I will post more nude girls body painting party pics soon.  I have nude girls body painting pictures from Christmas, Spring, and summer party's.  They are all kinda different themes, just to have a little fun and kick back with my girl friends hee hee hee.

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